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Our Value




“The Power of Honesty”
Integrity is our foundation. We:

  • Deliver what we promise

  • Are trustworthy

  • Compete fairly

  • Do not improperly influence others or let them improperly influence us

“The Power of Quality”
To achieve ambitious goals, We:

  • Take pride in what we make and do

  • Have an intense, acute focus on our customers

  • Act with a sense of urgency

“The Power of Working Together”
To help each other succeed, We:

  • Utilize the unique talents of our team

  • Strengthen our team and improve results through inclusion

  • Collaborate with employees and suppliers



“The Power of Responsibility”
To embrace our responsibilities, We:

  • Are committed to Covenant’s success

  • Protect the health and safety of others and ourselves

  • Are personally accountable to meet our goals

“The Power of Endurance”
To build a better word, We:

  • Create and capture value through sustainable products, services,
    solutions and operations

  • Contribute time and resources to promote the common good in our